Combat Patrol: Adepta Sororitas

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A heavy support choice for Adepta Sororitas armies. Unleash the God-Emperor's judgement upon your enemies. Choose between a brace of rapid-firing Castigator autocannons and the explosive Castigator battle cannon.
108 components.
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Seraphim Squad
The angelic warriors known as Seraphim fight in the advanced guard of an Adepta Sororitas army. Equipped with San Leor pattern jump packs, they descend from on high and launch themselves at the enemy lines, using shock and awe to shatter formations before their fellow Sisters open fire. Each Seraphim wields a pair of pistols, chosen from amongst the holy trinity of weapons. Bolt pistols are used to spit hails of death as the Seraphim arc through the sky, hand flamers spew burning torrents to immolate packed ranks of foes, whilst inferno pistols fire focused beams of heat that melt through armour and flesh with contemptuous ease.
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