Warhammer 40,000 - Start Collecting: Daemons of Slaanesh

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Beast of Nurgle
Beasts of Nurgle are slug-like monstrosities whose enormous bodies are weighed down with slime-slick muscle and blubber. Fanged maws yawn wide in their flesh, and an unspeakable reek wafts from their bodies – but for all their horrifying aspect, they are friendly and enthusiastic creatures. Their minds know nothing of malice or spite, and as they squirm into battle they do not seek to slaughter the enemy but to play with them. Beasts of Nurgle are always desperate for attention, and they hunt down new playmates with rambunctious glee.
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Citadel Round Bases 60 mm - 3 pieces
3 Citadel round bases (60 mm) made of plastic. Individually designable.
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Soul Grinder
From the dark bowels of the Forge of Souls come all manner of hideous and unholy weapons. By means of the perverse technologies of the artisans of Chaos, daemonic energies are fused with arcane metals to create potent weapons and talismans, to be used by the Daemons in their eternal warfare.
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Citadel Oval Base 120 x 92 mm
Citadel Oval Base (120 x 92 mm) made of plastic. Individually designable.
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