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Star Wars: Legion - Gebirgstruppen
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Star Wars: Legion - Klon-Kommandos der Republik
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Star Wars: Shatterpoint – Never Tell Me The Odds Mission Pack
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Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Professor X & Shadow King
Please note, that this product is in German language!
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Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Bishop & Nightcrawler
35,90 EUR
Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Gwenom & Scarlet Spiderv
35,90 EUR
Electro, Sandman, Shocker & Vulture
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Age of Sigmar - Skavenflut
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We currently have a total of 5 Bambu Lab P1S filament printers with AMS available for our 3D printing service. We can print all models in the resolutions 0.20 mm, 0.16 mm or 0.08 mm. For an individual request, simply send us the STL files of your model via WeTransfer, specifying the print quality at the same time, and we will provide you with your personalized offer.



We currently have 8 Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra 12K models available for our resin 3D printing service. All models are printed by us in ABS Like Resin in 0.05 mµ layer height and 12K resolution. For an individual request, simply send us the STL files of your model via WeTransfer and we will create your personalized individual offer.


Standard equipment for every professional miniature painter

Rosemary & Co Series 33 Kolinsky Sable Pointed Rounds 0
High quality, handmade artist brush made of Kolinsky hair. Long, conical tip. Brush head length: 9.8 mm, Ø: 1.5 mm. Brush handle approx. 17.8 cm.
11,60 EUR
New Wavy v2
Wavy is the first magnet accessory available for Everlasting Wet Palette. We wanted to reinvent the way people use wells in miniature painting, by deciding on a compact size, but yet stable system thanks to the magnet. We associated it with a brush holder. Wavy can be attached to your case in no time to the back, left or right side of the palette.
6,00 EUR
AK-Interactive - Stainless Steel Shakers (250 pcs.)
Contains 250 stainless steel balls at a very reasonable price.
4,75 EUR
0,02 EUR per pcs.
Rosemary & Co Series 33 Kolinsky Sable Pointed Rounds 2
High quality, handmade artist brush made of Kolinsky hair. Long, conical tip. Brush head length: 14.1 mm, Ø: 0.2 mm. Brush handle approx. 17.8 cm.
12,70 EUR
RGG Painting Mat A2 - Cut resistant
Protect your desk with the Redgrassgames cutting and painting mat for miniature painting. This custom-made painting mat comes in a neutral gray to help you focus on your painting session.
19,95 EUR
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your table, your game

Welcome to your store for miniatures, tabletop game systems, trade card games and accessories. We have arranged our assortment clearly structured for you, so that you can quickly find what you are looking for: from high-quality airbrush technology, diorama construction, paints, figures & miniatures, tabletops and 3D printed terrain. We have carefully selected our range for you. We specialize in tabletop games such as Star Wars Legion, Marvel Crisis Protocol and many more.

A hobby without limits

As passionate tabletop players, we know how fascinating it is to create a very personal miniature world - whether historical, fantasy or scifi setting. Do you want to represent large troop units or do you place more value on single miniatures? We have everything you need for your very own tabletop role-playing or strategy game.

3D terrain for
tabletop game systems

Create your own tabletop world and choose from a variety of 3D printed terrain pieces and scatters. We offer you highly detailed prints in high-resolution 12k SLA technology or in the best possible FDM quality on the latest generation of printers. What are you waiting for? Explore our fabulous world of 3D printing and create your own unforgettable playing field from different eras and different themed settings.

Airbrush, brushes and colors

Painting miniatures and terrain pieces is both challenging and reassuring. From our own experience we know how important professional tools are for this. For this reason we have chosen the best on the market: Harder & Steenbeck airbrush technique, Rosemary & Co., Citadel and Vallejo paints.


We support you and make the hobby affordable! Just ask us personally. We offer you various sponsorships and unbeatable conditions for your gaming club or association. Prerequisite for this is the proof of entry in the register of associations.