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Welcome to your store for tabletop fantasy worlds from Games Workshop. We have arranged our assortment clearly structured for you, so that you can quickly find what you are looking for: from basic games to starter sets, guidelines and teams to high-quality airbrush technique, colors and accessories. We are specialized in Games Workshop tabletop games like Warhammer, Blood Bowl, Kill Team and Necromunda.

A hobby without limits

As passionate tabletop players, we know how fascinating it is to create a very personal miniature world - whether historical, fantasy or scifi setting. Do you want to represent large troop units or do you place more value on single miniatures? We have everything you need for your very own tabletop role-playing or strategy game.

3D terrain pieces for
tabletop game systems

Create your own tabletop world with our specially designed 3D terrain pieces. The high-quality 28 mm scale plastic plates are connected by magnets. This keeps them stable on the table without moving or slipping. Our 3D terrain pieces are suitable for various tabletop game systems and for replaying historical battles and fights. Paint or design your terrain individually. Tabletop Paradise has the best tools for this.

Airbrush, brushes and colors

Painting miniatures and terrain pieces is both challenging and reassuring. From our own experience we know how important professional tools are for this. For this reason we have chosen the best on the market: Harder & Steenbeck airbrush technique, Artis Opus brush, Citadel paints and brushes.