Archen des Omens: Abaddon (DEU)

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Arks of Omen: Farsight (ENG) 2023
Book 4 in the Arks of Omen series. New ways to play Boarding Actions, such as Dark Depths games, multiplayer missions, and extra rules for five factions.
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Archen des Omens - Der Löwe
Please note, that this product is in German language!
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Boarding Patrol: Space Marines
Boarding Patrol: Space Marines provides a balanced force of Space Marine infantry, perfectly suited to gunning and cutting down foes in games of Warhammer 40,000 – especially in the dense and deadly Boarding Action missions detailed in the Arks of Omen series – and will save you money compared to buying the kits individually.
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Codex: Space Marines (DE)

The Codex contains all the background information and rules for your Space Marines armies - the ultimate guideline for all collectors and players of Space Marines.

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