Citadel Base Pinsel XL

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Primaris Invader ATV
The Invader is a highly flexible all-terrain vehicle, perfectly adapted to an aggressive reconnaissance role. Outfitted with either a multi-melta or an onslaught gatling cannon, it can rapidly deliver punishing fire against vulnerable parts of the enemy line, or swiftly engage and destroy scouting elements of opposing forces.
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Primaris Lieutenant with Power Sword
Lieutenants act as the right hands of their Captains by providing tactical flexibility and helping to direct their battle-brothers in war. They are often entrusted with direct battlefield command of a demi-company or strike force; by handling the squad-level combat logistics of force coordination and acting as exemplary leaders, they free up their Captains to focus on the wider strategic picture of the entire war zone.
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Dry Brush S

Dry brush for applying the Citadel dry colours. Made of synthetic bristles and ox hair.

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