Citadel Technical Contrast Medium
Contrast Medium
Preview: Citadel Technical Contrast Medium
Preview: Contrast Medium

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Knights of Rivendell - Middle-earth
These six Knights of Rivendell are very dynamic figures in various poses with billowing cloaks, elegant Elven armour, ornate shields and long lances. The set comes with parts to depict a fallen Knight of Rivendell.
54 components, supplied with six 40 mm round bases.
Our standard price 40,00 EUR
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High Elf Warriors - Lord of the Rings
Set of four highly detailed High Elf Warriors. Each model wears superbly crafted attire including long flowing robes and intricately detailed armour. Each of these Warriors grips a long glaive. They also carry a flamboyant shield featuring daedal patterns and with a large gem set into it.
8 components, supplied with five 25 mm round bases.
Our standard price 25,00 EUR
Your price 20,00 EUR
You save 20%