Boten des Morgens: Buch 2 - Herrschaft des Ungeheuers

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Gloomsite Gitz Trugg’s Great Troggherd
This boxed set builds Trugg the Troggoth King, available here for the first time alongside a retinue of Rockgut Troggoths.
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Citadel Base Brush S

Brush for applying the Citadel Base colours. The brush has a mixture of synthetic and sable bristles and a slanted fine tip.

Our standard price 5,95 EUR
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5,36 EUR per pcs.
Citadel Dry Brush M

Dry brush for applying the Citadel dry colours. Made of synthetic bristles and ox hair.

Our standard price 5,90 EUR
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5,31 EUR per pcs.
Citadel STC M Layer Brush

Adaptable and reliable medium brush.  Layer brush with synthetic bristles for basing, washing and many more.

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You save 10%
4,59 EUR per pcs.