Citadel STC Shade Brush L

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Knight Castellan
The Knight Castellan can be likened to a towering fortress, a bastion of Imperial might garrisoned by a single Noble lord and armed with an array of weapons so fearsome that they can tear the heart from an invading army. It is the foremost artillery platform within the lances of the knightly houses, hammering the enemy at extreme range from the moment the fight begins.
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20 Disc magnets (Ø 5x1 mm), nickel-plated
Extra strong neodymium N52 disc magnets for magnetising miniatures and models. The holding force of the magnet is up to 300 grams. Measured vertically.
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Citadel Palette Pad
The Citadel Palette Pad contains 20 disposable painting palettes. The plastic paper pages that form each palette are bound together on one edge. Once you have finished using a palette simply tear it out of the pad and pop it in the bin. No more washing!
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