Citadel STC S Layer Brush

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RGG Painting Mat A2 - Cut resistant
Protect your desk with the Redgrassgames cutting and painting mat for miniature painting. This custom-made painting mat comes in a neutral gray to help you focus on your painting session.
19,95 EUR
Citadel STC Glaze Brush

Synthetic glaze brush with medium-sized bristles. Picks up just the right amount of paint to avoid pooling in the recesses.

Our standard price 5,35 EUR
Your price 4,82 EUR
You save 10%
4,82 EUR per pcs.
Citadel STC L Base Brush

Synthetic base brush to cover large areas with the flick of a wrist. Significantly cut down on painting time.

Our standard price 6,95 EUR
Your price 6,26 EUR
You save 10%
6,26 EUR per pcs.
Citadel STC M Layer Brush

Adaptable and reliable medium brush.  Layer brush with synthetic bristles for basing, washing and many more.

Our standard price 5,10 EUR
Your price 4,59 EUR
You save 10%
4,59 EUR per pcs.